Books to Get you Through College

Books to Get you Through College

If your child survived high school and is now on the way to a higher education institution like the American International College, they might want to consider reading more books. Books will help them survive college life and all the intricacies associated with it. Here are some of the books that your child should add to their reading list that will add a little soul and quirk to break the seriousness of the college experience.

“Chicken Soup for the College Soul”

The Chicken Soup series can be a trusted companion as you attend your classes. Your grandma read them for a reason. This book features exciting stories of college students, snippets of their journey, and how they kept their sanity. The stories are relatable, and you might even learn a thing or two.

“Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley

This book dates back to 1931, but it can still be useful for you and even the next generation of students. Why? Because Huxley specifically crafted the book to teach students to think critically — something that is extremely useful in college. With this book, you can stun your professors with how you can engage in intellectual discussions with them. Get it. It’s worth it.

“How to Survive Your Freshman Year” by Mark W. Bernstein and Yadin Kaufmann

If you want to read a book that will help you get through your first year in college, then get this one. The authors compiled tons of interviews from those who survived their freshman year in college. It includes advice from what to pack for dorm living to how to deal with a difficult roommate.

“The Art of Fielding” by Chad Harbach

If you are a huge baseball fan, then you will likely enjoy this pick. But this book is more than just a book about a fictional college baseball player. It is much deeper than that. It digs deep into the successes and struggles of a collegiate athlete.

“The Naked Roommate” by Harland Cohen

Sometimes all we need to survive the rigors of college life is something that gives us a good laugh, and this book is perfect for that. The book uses humor to deal with all the struggles and challenges one may experience during their college life.

“Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College” by Stefanie Weisman

When you attend your orientation, you’ll probably hear older college students give you general tips like befriending your professors or getting enough sleep to help you last in college. However, these pieces of advice are not tried and tested. You will improve your chances of getting good grades if you seek help from professors, study hard and get enough sleep. This book will give you the best tips on how to do well academically. Use this book like an emergency tool to know what to do if anything happens to you in college.

“Her Campus Guide to College Life” by Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Chandler Wang, Windsor Hanger Western, and the Her Campus Editors

If there’s one thing a college girl should read, it is this book. Her Campus Guide to College Life will give a young woman everything she needs to know that she’s afraid or too shy to ask her mom or sister. It discusses real stuff that is rarely talked about, such as mental health issues, campus sexual assault, and other often-neglected aspects of college.

College can be an extremely stressful time for some students. Finding comfort, solace and company is possible through books. Read as much as you can, and you’ll realize that your college years can be a wonderful experience.

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