School of the Week: Hawken School

School of the Week: Hawken School

From its earliest days, Hawken School has been committed to developing character and intellect. The school believes that living meaningful, productive lives requires traits such as compassion, integrity, initiative, confidence, and resilience as well as a commitment to lifelong learning. Providing a strong academic foundation while nurturing these essential attributes equips Hawken students with the tools they need to realize and fulfill their potential both personally and professionally.

The learning spaces on its campuses — including Hawken’s Early Childhood Center; 8,000 square feet of maker space; the new Upper School academic building; and the upcoming expansion in University Circle, the Mastery School of Hawken — are intentionally designed to enhance and deliver the school’s innovative curriculum, which focuses on hands-on, interactive, meaningful learning.

Stirn Hall, Hawken’s state-of-the-art high school building that opened in 2016 on the Gates Mills campus, was designed to equip faculty with the physical space needed to execute the School’s forward-focused mission.  The building features a cutting edge, two-story science center; an innovative two-story learning commons; a fabrication lab and media and communications lab that includes an editing suite, media lab, and media production studio; 37 new classrooms; a college counseling suite; and dedicated writing and learning centers.

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