Staying Sane While Working and Learning Remotely

Staying Sane While Working and Learning Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives. More parents are working from home — and now some kids are learning from home again, too.

According to Emily Mudd, PhD, a child psychologist at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, it’s a situation that’s sure to create some stress.

“Before the pandemic, when mom and dad were home it meant mom and dad were available and it was family time,” she says. “This is a really challenging shift in the paradigm for kids to make — to think that now that mom and dad are home, they are not always available and it’s not always family time.”

Mudd says it’s important to set clear boundaries so kids know when mom and dad are working, or when they can ask for a snack or help with an assignment.

She says parents shouldn’t feel bad about their productivity levels, either.

It can be hard to multi-task with new demands, so she encourages parents to take breaks when they’re able.

“Have some forgiveness for yourself, and be patient with yourself and your partner, and your children as these are unprecedented times,” she says. “Just find those moments of happiness to be with your family amongst the chaos.”

When kids are learning remotely, Mudd adds that it’s okay to let them sleep in, that way parents will have some time alone to work.

— Submitted by Cleveland Clinic News Service

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