School of the Week: St. Barnabas Catholic School

School of the Week: St. Barnabas Catholic School

St. Barnabas Catholic School, located in Northfield, is a National Blue Ribbon School of excellence with about 500 students ranging from preschool through eighth grade.

St. Barnabas is not just a school, it is a family that fosters lifelong relationships in the spirit of inclusion and diversity, which its staff believes goes hand-in-hand with traditional learning. This culture is the foundation of the school community where each individual is included and treated equitably.

Its curriculum challenges and accommodates students of diverse learning abilities, and faculty strives to cultivate the full academic potential of every student. In addition to core subjects, expanded course offerings and use of technology serve to enrich and maximize the educational experience of each student.

Click here to learn more about St. Barnabas Catholic School.

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