Publisher’s Note: Hope First

Publisher’s Note: Hope First

I grew up as a typical suburban kid a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away called Chicagoland. It was the 70s and 80s — innocent days before social media, cell phones and a pandemic. But the memories are still vivid: every teacher, every crush, every bully and the exuberance of the first day of school. Whether it was kindergarten or college, the thrill was always there. 

Do you recall…

Fresh new faces mixed with familiar ones.

Wondering “Will I like my teacher?”

Forgetting your locker combination.

The sights, sounds and smells of the first fall football game.

Getting lost in the new school.

Of course, these were simpler times filled with a fair amount of stress, but they were overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation and wonder.

Fast forward to our school-age parenting years, when we created memories to which you may relate:

First day you put your kid on the bus.

First high school kids’ dance. 

First disappointing face when they didn’t make the team.

First kid friendships that went south due to texting.

First band concert.

First detention.

Through these stressful experiences, we all learned valuable lessons — parent and child alike. 

Today, we’re faced with another first in our lifetime: the COVID-19 virus has placed unprecedented pressure on the educational system. There’s no perfect solution, no easy answers and no clear path forward — yet.

But in the youngest child, the most innocent eyes, we can see the hope for the future.

Through these turbulent times, may your kids’ return to school this fall — in whatever way it looks — be filled with more joy than anxiety, more hope than worry, and more growth than setbacks. 

Let’s all do everything we can to calm our kids’ nerves, support our schools and work together toward solutions that help this next generation thrive.

Like many parents, you may be questioning the next step for your children’s education. Never before have there been more options available for kids to find their right fit so that they may flourish.

We are excited to be presenting our Education & STEM Expo at two locations — October 4 in Lyndhurst and October 11 at Crocker Park. The third annual event, presented in part by Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, will showcase dozens of schools and afterschool programs for you and your kids to learn about.

I want to welcome you and your family to join us at these fun and free events that will open your horizons to new options for learning. Rest assured that proper safety precautions will be in place. For those who prefer, we are offering a drive-thru option where you can pick up a bag of great information and special offers, too. Learn more and register today at

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Brad Mitchell is the founder and publisher of Northeast Ohio Parent, Northeast Ohio Boomer & Beyond and owner of Mitchell Media LLC. Northeast Ohio Parent was launched by Brad and a team in early 2014, and Boomer & Beyond launched in 2015. Brad has served in many different capacities in the magazine industry since the late 1980s in both Cleveland and his hometown of Chicago. He is married and has grown children, a granddaughter and a golden retriever. Brad can be reached at [email protected]

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