2016 Northeast Ohio Parent Cover Kids Winners

2016 Northeast Ohio Parent Cover Kids Winners

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The first annual Northeast Ohio Parent magazine 2016 Cover Kids contest received more than 140 entries. The children, ages 0-17, were broken up into categories based on age, with the most entries in the 0-3 age category. Our panel of judges — which included Parent bloggers, writers, editors and designers — had to make tough choices and it wasn’t easy choosing this year’s winners. We narrowed each category down to one winner with some runners-up. The winners will receive a cover photo shoot for one of our 2016-17 Northeast Ohio Parent issues.

Entries included kids and teens from throughout the region, including Lorain, Summit and Lake counties. Unique entrants included siblings who entered the contest in their appropriate age categories; a set of twins; a pair of friends who have been inseparable since they were 3 years old, according to the contest entry; and a six-month-old named Kash, who has Down syndrome. Combined, we had an adorable, unique group — so we wanted to provide an extra gift. Everyone who participated in the contest was entered into a grand prize drawing for four tickets to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. The winner of the tickets was the Valdepenas family, who entered 3-year-old Mikhaila.

The winners are:



Vincent Armand Cipolletti, 9 months 



David Bryant, 5 years old



Gabriel Leonard, 10 years old 



Brayden Kitchen, 14 years old 



Brooklyn Wells, 1 year old



Katie Bartholomew, 4 years old



Kiersten Jenne, 8 years old



Madison Hunter, 12 years old


Haley Gsellmeier, 14 years old

RUNNERS UP: Special thanks goes to all who entered the contest. The judges panel had a hard time deciding on winners, so we also would like to mention our runners-up: Kash Alexander, born Jan. 15;  Angelo Querry, age 2; Jensaya Leonard, age 13; Ella Gifford, age 9; Henry & Lola Luchka (twins) age 3; Owen Bojec, 7 months;  Harper Jones, 13 months; Elly DeGardeyn, age 6; Yaneilee Y’sabel Colondres, age 8; Chase Davidson, age 4; Logan Walls, age 10; Brooklyn Hall, 8 months; Oliver Daling, age 4; McKenna Moore, age 3; and Aiden Amanfoh, age 2

Missed this year’s contest? Want to entry your child in the 2017 Northeast Ohio Parent Cover Kids? Please email a candid photo of your child ages 0-17, with name, address, phone and email address to [email protected]  No professional photos will be accepted. 

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