Help Your Kids Manage Stress About Current Events

Help Your Kids Manage Stress About Current Events

Are you and your kids feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed these days? Does the current events of the country and world have your kids anxious?  Northeast Ohio Parent blogger Jaclyn Musselman, of Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams, shares the following tips and ideas for how to help kids deal with worry and stress due to current events. Plus, she offers 50 family activities you can do with your kids at home to have some fun and relieve some stress!

Help Kids Deal with Worry and Stress

Right now, there are so many uncertainties in our world and the news is coming at us minute by minute. Every mom I talk with is currently feeling anxious, overwhelmed and sad! If these are the emotions we are experiencing, imagine how our kids are feeling! Whether or not they understand the full extent of what is going on, kids can read their parents emotions. If they sense you are stressed, they will feel that way too!

Here are some ways we can help keep the calm in our own families and ease some of the anxiety and worry our kids are feeling right now.

1. Maintain a Routine

More than likely, your family’s schedule has or will be affected by the current events of the country. It is hard to maintain a routine, when changes are being made by the second!

If your kids are off of school for a while, try to establish a new normal. Whenever the kids are on a school break, it always take a few days or weeks to adjust to our new normal. But, something I have found that works best to get adjusted to a break from school is to have a routine!

It is really reassuring for kids to know that their schedule is stable, especially when the outside world is a little crazy.  So as as you get acclimated to the schedule change, decide on how you want to structure the days. If your kids have school work to maintain, decide when in the day to work on it.

Some other blocks of time to your daily schedule might include:

  • School Work
  • Exercise
  • Quiet Time
  • Chores (Spring Cleaning)
  • Practice instrument/work on a hobby
  • Family Time (games, crafts, movies)
  • Free Play

2. Practice Healthy Habits

Be sure to maintain healthy habits for your kids. This includes making sure they get enough sleep, food, water and exercise. When extracurricular activities are cancelled, it is important that kids can still burn off their energy and have a healthy outlet! If you are stuck indoors, you can find a ton of YouTube workout videos. Go Noodle has a lot of fun workout videos for kids. If you are able to get outside, take a family walk or bike ride.

3. Limit News and Social Media 

Right now, it is so hard to avoid reading the latest headlines and getting sucked into another sad story. I have had to set limits for myself, because reading all of these stories can really compromise our well-being. Yes, we need to be informed, but we also need to distance ourselves from every bit of news information that comes out.

If your kids are old enough to watch the news, be sure to watch the news with them. Talk about what was discussed on the news as a family and filter through the information. Do not let your kids watch the same news story over and over.

Provide your kids with age appropriate information. A four year old does not need to know the same level of details as a 13 year old.


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