Pin It: Party Ideas to Spark your Interest

Pin It: Party Ideas to Spark your Interest

by Kristen Kelly

Pinterest has been a blessing and a curse in the world of parenthood. It has become an amazing resource to find tips and ideas to make parenting easier; you can find recipes, organization inspiration, craft ideas and so much more. Pinterest is filled with images of perfect, over-the-top parties that are sure to cost a pretty penny, however, there are some ways to get a Pinterest-quality party without breaking the bank.


Don’t be Afraid to DIY
When you look at the cakes, invitations, decorations, games, etc., that go into the parties you see on Pinterest, it can get expensive if you purchase everything prepared from the store. Pinterest includes a lot of tutorials for how to DIY professional-looking cakes and cupcakes, even for a beginner. Websites like or make it easy to design your own professional-looking invitations and decorations that you can print from home. Think simple with games: musical chairs, hide-and-seek and Simon says are entertaining games that don’t cost a dime.

Simplify the Menu
Food is one area that definitely can add up quickly, especially if you have a large guest list. Ordering pizza — always an easy option — can be expensive for a large group. Creating a “bar” with a simple dish as the base and options to personalize is one creative way to feed a large group for less. There are easy “bar” ideas on Pinterest, such as taco bars, hot dog bars, and macaroni and cheese bars, that are easy to make but don’t cost a lot. These kid-friendly options are sure to satisfy picky eaters, since they can choose what they want.

Invest in Reusable Supplies
If you plan multiple parties each year, it might be worthwhile to invest in some supplies that can be used over and over again. While balloons add to a party’s decor, they can add to the budget, as well. Consider purchasing a helium tank and inflating your own balloons. Buying deflated balloons is much cheaper, and you save yourself a trip to the store on party day. Purchase generic party games that can be reused, such as a plastic bowling game, parachute and ring toss. If you are getting a banner, avoid one with an age, name or theme-specific graphic. Instead, get one that is generic and can be reused every year. With some of your supplies you can get new ideas from Pinterest on how to use them, along with ways to freshen up your party look.

Find Friends’ Hidden Talents
Do you know a friend who bakes amazing cakes or a neighbor who is extra crafty? Maybe there is a graphic designer among your Facebook friends. Think about the people you know and what their talents are. You might be able to find some that can help with your party planning.

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