Podcast Episode #18: Parent Panel — Family Traditions and Togetherness

Podcast Episode #18: Parent Panel — Family Traditions and Togetherness

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Research shows that traditions are important in building strong family relationships between generations. Being a part of the special things our family does helps us to have that sense of belonging. Traditions create positive memories for children; they crave the warmth and promise that comes with traditions. They anchor family members to each other and provide a sense of belonging.

Aside from holiday traditions, families should have daily connection traditions with their children. Daily connection traditions are those small activities you do every day that re-enforce family identity and values.

From left: Bryn Stock, Miriam Conner and Lissa Bates

In this episode of aParently Speaking, host Miriam Conner talks to Bryn Stock and Lissa Bates, two local moms who also happen to be sisters, about their family traditions. Listen as they share some fun traditions and the important role they play in each of their families.


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