Deviled Eggs Recipes With a Twist

Deviled Eggs Recipes With a Twist

Deviled eggs, also known as stuffed eggs, first appeared in American cookbooks in the mid-19th century, but the origin can be traced back to ancient Rome, where eggs were boiled and seasoned with spicy sauces, according to the History Channel. Today, deviled eggs are a staple during spring, according to the American Egg Board.

The “classic” deviled egg includes a mixture of mustard and mayonnaise, sprinkled with paprika. However, chefs and home cooks alike are experimenting with various flavor twists. Here are few to try:

Avocado Deviled Eggs — Switch up the norm and add chopped avocado, Greek yogurt, yellow mustard and crispy fried onions to create this flavorful deviled egg. Top with some cilantro for a pop of color.

Mediterranean Deviled Eggs — Getting their inspiration from the flavors of the Mediterranean, this deviled egg features Parmesan cheese, herbs like oregano and basil, and a bright garnish of diced tomatoes.

French’s Party Deviled Eggs — Swap out the mayo with sour cream and add Dijon mustard for richness. Then top with a crispy onion crunch to leave guests wanting more. Don’t forget to sprinkle with paprika.

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