Caregivers — Show Yourself Some Love

Caregivers — Show Yourself Some Love

As we all get occupied in our fast-paced lives juggling childcare, work and household responsibilities, it can be too convenient to put our own health on the back burner. It is important for us to take care of ourselves and our needs first. Here are ways to help focus on yourself so that you remain happy and healthy:

Get enough sleep. We bargain with our sleep to get other things done. Remember, getting enough sleep not only helps one feel well rested, it also helps boost immunity and makes you feel happier.

Make time for exercise. Exercising routinely is important for your physical and mental health. It helps you gain more energy and is cardio protective. It is also a time in the day when you focus on yourself and can stay fit to help loved ones.

Make time for yourself.  Do something to make yourself feel special. This will only help you to focus on others. Continuing hobbies gives you a break and helps shift your focus to something you enjoy doing.

Eat and drink well. While we are taking care of other’s diets,  focus on a healthy diet for yourself. Continue to hydrate properly by drinking lots of water.

Go for your medical check-ups. It is important to get a physician check-up once a year, no matter how good you feel.

Identify burnout. It is hard to manage work and taking care of your family. It is important to remember to identify fatigue and moments when you need support. We are all entitled to get tired and ask for help.

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— By Dr. Palak Shroff

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