Four Workouts You Can Do With Your Baby

Four Workouts You Can Do With Your Baby

If you thought that your exercising days were over now that your baby is here, it’s time to think again. Many new moms are keen to tone up again after the birth, and are desperate to return to their pre-baby physique but can’t seem to find ways to get out of the house and exercise now that they have a baby who depends on them 24 hours a day.

If you don’t have anyone to look after your baby while you head to the gym, there’s no need to despair. There are lots of different ways that you can work out with your little one right there with you. So put on those sneakers and leggings and try one of these four workouts you can do with baby in tow — we guarantee that both you and your little one will have a lot of fun.

Take a Walk
Perhaps the easiest thing that any new mom can do to get fit with their baby is to just head out for a walk. Whether you choose to push your baby in a stroller or wear him or her in a sling, you can get a gentle, yet effective cardio workout that will not only benefit you, but will also benefit your baby. If you’re feeling really energetic you could even progress to taking a jog while pushing your baby along in a jogging stroller. (Go to this link to find out more about how to choose the right jogging stroller for you.) The movement will help to quiet your little one and soothe him or her to sleep so you can enjoy a little me-time!

Use Baby as Your Gym
Instead of using regular weights to do your curls, squats and presses, why not use your baby instead? By holding your little one while you work out, you can not only give your exercise regime a boost, but get closer to baby at the same time. Try three sets of 15 reps of squats, presses and curls and then increase to five. You’ll be amazed by how effective your new workout can be! Alternatively, why not try a mom and baby yoga class? There are several of these classes available today which involve doing yoga with your baby in your arms or on your stomach. It’s a great way to meet other parents while also getting fit in a fun and effective way.

Go Swimming With Your Baby
You might think that taking your baby to the local pool will be all about getting your little one used to the water, and while there is an element of that, there are lots of ways that you can work out in the water, too, while your little one splashes around. Invest in a baby swim seat so your little one will be safely supported in the water, leaving your hands free. You can then swim up and down the pool pushing your baby ahead of you. Your little one will love the experience and you’ll get a great workout that tones your muscles and boosts your cardio while having a lot of fun with your baby.

Dance Together
There’s nothing more fun than dancing with your baby. It’s also a really great way to rock your baby to sleep if he or she is struggling to settle down. The rhythmic movements of dance help to soothe your little one, especially if they are suffering from colic, and you can increase your heart rate and get some valuable exercise while having a great time bopping along to your favorite tunes. Whether you choose to copy a dance workout video with your baby in a sling, or whether you just waltz around your living room, you’ll be getting an effective workout with baby in tow.

Try one of these four effective workouts with your little one, and enjoy all the benefits that getting fit again after pregnancy can bring. Whether you’re keen to return to your pre-baby body or whether you just want to be fitter so you can cope more effectively with running around after the kids, these baby-friendly workouts are the perfect way to get started with your new exercise regime.

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