New Year’s Resolution You Need to Keep: Get More Sleep

New Year’s Resolution You Need to Keep: Get More Sleep

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While eating healthier and getting more exercise seem to be at the top of New Year’s resolutions, getting more sleep should be the resolution that people stick to in 2019.

According to research from the Better Sleep Council (BSC), a nonprofit organization devoted to informing the public about the critical relationship between sleep, good health and quality of life, about nine million Americans made no effort to keep their New Year’s resolutions in 2018. This included the goal of trying to get more/better sleep, which significantly impacts your overall health and wellness.

To sleep more soundly — and make health a priority in the new year — the BSC offers these suggestions:

  • Make daily sleep appointments: develop a routine in which you go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day. Don’t let social media or work distract you, and when it’s bedtime, go to sleep no matter what.
  • Create a great bed for great sleep: If you’re not waking up refreshed every day, it’s time to examine your mattress and decide if you need a new one.
  • Keep it cool, even in the winter: A comfortable sleeping temperature is between 65 and 67 degrees, so turn on an air conditioner or lower the thermostat before bed to make the room right for you.
  • Try yoga: Practice yoga before bed to de-stress after your day, relax your muscles and bring your body to a restful state before hitting the hay.

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