Parents: Get Up and Move!

Parents: Get Up and Move!

Working in the office, carting our kids to activities and household chores might seem like moving, but do we spend more time sitting than we think? A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the highest percentage of adults reported sitting for somewhere between 6-8 hours a day, but also said they were inactive. The smallest percentage of people — less than three percent — said they sat less than four hours per day and got sufficient exercise throughout the week.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Donald Ford recommends looking for ways to get in small breaks during the work day. He said there are all sorts of opportunities — you just have to look for them. For example, park further from the building and skip the elevator in favor of the stairs.

He says the real danger is when people sit all day at work, and then go home and don’t exercise. And sometimes just adding up steps isn’t enough, if you’re only getting a few at a time.

“You really have to put the effort in to make sure you’re getting your heart up if you want to see the positive effects on your health,” he says.

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