Pediatric Dentists Answer Common Questions About Kids’ Dental Health

Pediatric Dentists Answer Common Questions About Kids’ Dental Health

We asked pediatric dentists in the greater Cleveland/Akron area to weigh in on some common questions related to children’s teeth. Here’s what they had to say.

When should my child make their first dental visit?

“Your child should visit a pediatric dentist when the first tooth makes its appearance, typically between ages 6 and 12 months. This visit will help to get the child comfortable with the dentist and the dental environment. Also, it will serve to educate the parents/caregivers regarding oral hygiene, preventive care and dietary considerations for their child. An early examination by a pediatric dentist will go a long way to protect your child’s smile now and in years to come.”

Dr. Frank Radis
Pediatric Dentistry of Aurora

85 N. Chillicothe Road, Aurora


What is the right amount of fluoride toothpaste for kids?

“Recent studies have shown that children are using more toothpaste than is recommended by dental professionals. For young children, swallowing too much fluoride toothpaste can cause discoloration of their teeth, a condition called dental fluorosis. Parents of children ages 3 to 6 should squeeze no more than a pea-size amount of toothpaste on their brush. Children age 3 and younger should be using even less toothpaste. For those children, parents should be placing only a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste — roughly the size of a grain of rice. Young children are less capable of spitting out the toothpaste, making it more likely they will ingest it.”

Dr. Trista Onesti
Dr. Trista’s Children’s Dentistry
5255 Mayfield Road, Lyndhurst


What is the best toothbrush for your child?

“When picking one out, make sure the head fits within the child’s mouth and has soft bristles. As for electric toothbrushes, kids can use them as young as age 2, if tolerated. Allow your child to choose a toothbrush they find fun. In the end, the best toothbrush is one that your child will use.”

Jacqueline M. Beard, DMD, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
Solon Pediatric Dentistry
34501 Aurora Road, Suite 305, Solon

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