Dads’ Dish — Spend the Perfect Day or Get the Gift He Wants for Father’s Day

Dads’ Dish — Spend the Perfect Day or Get the Gift He Wants for Father’s Day

By Mason Goodman

For Father’s Day, most dads don’t seek, yearn or expect gifts.
Instead, the holiday provides a time to reflect on the relationships with their own dads, children and grandchildren. Also, like many other holidays, it sets aside a specific day to spend time with those they love.
The holiday means different things to different people.
Josh Flagner, 33, of Medina, is a new dad to a daughter less than a year old. He likes the idea of Father’s Day, but thinks it’s important to concentrate on the non-retail side of the holiday.
“Society has turned everything into a retail event over the last two decades,” he says. I believe the trick is to give the kinds of gifts that are important to your family — whether those gifts are ties, golf clubs or a great family lunch.”
Greg Bellan, 38, of Twinsburg, has three elementary-aged sons. He loves Father’s Day, but not necessarily because of the attention he personally receives from the outside world.
“I think Father’s Day is important, but not as a dad — as a son,” Bellan says. “While I’ve got a great relationship with my dad, it’s the one day of the year that’s really all about him and I make sure to tell him how much he means to me and my family. This also goes for my father-in-law and my wife’s grandfather, too.”
Chuck Thomas, 37, of Mentor, doesn’t think Father’s day should be over-commercialized, either.
“I do think Father’s Day is important,” he explains. “A Father obviously plays an extremely important role in a child’s life. To recognize dads on this day is to honor them and pay tribute to their roles. Honestly, gifts on Father’s Day don’t carry much weight with me. Just the fact of being a dad to wonderful kids is gift enough for me.”

A Perfect Holiday
For moms and kids planning Father’s Day celebrations, these dads weighed in on what they think a perfect holiday would be like.
One common theme seems to unite these dads: they don’t want a day away from their family as a respite; they want to be sharing moments with their family members and loved ones.
Thomas wants to start the day relaxing and then get outside and enjoy the warming spring weather in Northeast Ohio. “My dream Father’s Day would start with a family breakfast. Then I would take my kids to a park or a playground to have fun and laugh, and then end the day hopefully watching the Cavs win an NBA title.”
Bellan also likes starting the holiday with a family meal and connecting his past relatives with future generations.
“My older boys started their own tradition a couple of years ago where they bring me breakfast in bed,” he says. “Spending quality time with my boys and family is about all I could ask for. The fact that we get to have four generations together is super special for me.”
Flagner has taken the guessing game and pickiness out of the gift expectations for the day. “Family, friends, golf and cigars, in any order. I’ve been taking my dad out golfing on Father’s Day for a while now. I’d love to continue that (tradition) with my daughter some day.”
These Northeast Ohio dads are glad, but they don’t necessarily yearn for the public ceremony or gifts.
Adds Flagner, “I don’t really want things. I’d like to spend time with family and take a good nap.”

Gifts  for Dad
While the dad — or dads — in your life may not feel a gift is  necessary, many wives and kids still want to find that perfect token to show their appreciation. To relieve the stress of buying a gift for the “guy who has everything,” here are some ideas for the dads in your life:

Cook it Up. A nice, low cost idea is to make dinner for Father’s Day. Whether it be steak, nachos or brownies, it’s easy to show dad you love him by recognizing his favorite dish and recreating it with him — or working in the kitchen yourself while he relaxes.

Focus on health. Whether measuring the yards left to the pin on the golf course or logging the distance of runs, there’s a watch available. For watches that balance fashion and function, look for Casio G-Shock or Timex Weekender styles on

Along with a good steak, dads love a good beer. Ohio offers many stores that carry local craft beers and imports — from Warehouse Beverage in South Euclid to Rozi’s Wine House in Lakewood. However, these fancy drinks require the right glassware. Craft beer glassware has its own style categories: IPAs belong in one glass, stouts in another and pilsners require glasses shaped in an hourglass form. Local breweries and brew stores have many types of glasses, but many department stores carry sets like this one from Libbey, which provides an array of glass options packaged together.

Stylish Dad. Throwback, vintage t-shirts that commemorate special events or people in sports or culture never go out of style. Locally, there are many options. Check out GV Art and Design in Lakewood, CLE Clothing Co. downtown or Fresh Brewed Tees.

Father’s Day also happens to fall right in time for summer fun.

A pair of shades is a functional and fashionable accessory perfect for dads; they’re great to protect eyes while driving, playing sports or lounging around.

And for more great ideas, check out this spot for trendy gifts this year!

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