Editor’s Note: Getting Closer

Editor’s Note: Getting Closer

- in 2022 Editions, Magazine, September 2022

It’s that time of year, our social media pages are filled with first day of school pictures. No matter where you are in parenthood, most likely, you will see various ages, from kindergarten to senior year of high school. 

I can’t help thinking of the beginning of the end, as one parent put it. With each passing year of our kids, we start to see it— they get taller, less childlike and then soon, driving off in our cars.

Every grade is special, but for parents of middle schoolers and high schoolers, it feels like we are getting closer to our empty nests.

That’s why, when we decided to do these four education guides — our next ones will be October (Middle School) and November (High School) — we wanted to focus on each of those stages. This month is elementary school, and one of the biggest milestones for your child is reading, we cover its importance. Also, there’s a lot of decisions on where you want your kids to start their educational journey. We provide the ins and outs of private vs. public school. I currently have one in each, a middle schooler who just started at a private academy and a high schooler who is working his way through public school. Honestly, the choice wasn’t easy, but we did it based on our sons’ learning styles and needs. So, don’t listen to the naysayers in your life, do what’s best for you and your family.

There is something else in the air — fall season. I will likely complain in November about the colder temperatures, but I am itching to put on my warm sweaters and scarfs. I’m sick of my air conditioned life, and want to get outside in the cool air. If you are the same — and want to relish in the seasonal treats and festivities, we have something for everyone. 

I also want to let you know about our social media platforms. We welcomed Shana O’Malley-Smith, the new digital/managing editor this summer. While our goal has always been to connect with you digitally, we want to make sure to expand our offerings visually, from more videos, photos and highlighting places you, readers, love to go. Follow our Instagram (@neohioparent) and Facebook (Facebook.com/NEOhioParent) for everything we cover all month long. 

Finally, I have some word-of-advice, for those who are in the beginning, elementary school, it goes fast. Take every opportunity that arises, and teach your kids the same — whether it’s learning, volunteering, or participating in new adventures. Especially now, as some kids and parents have missed out on a few things due to the pandemic. And, while it’s back-to-school season, I think it’s also back-to-fun for families in these special milestones.

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Angela Gartner has been the editor at Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine since 2014. She has won local and national awards for her features, columns and photography over the years. Previously, her work appeared in publications including The News-Herald, Sun Newspapers and The Chicago Tribune. She grew up in Northeast Ohio and is a mom of two boys. The whole family is busy every weekend with sports and finding new happenings around the region. She is also a board member and past president at the Cleveland Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. She loves reading, writing poetry and taking the family's Scottish Terrier on walks.

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