Publisher’s Page: High Fives

Publisher’s Page: High Fives

- in Magazine, March 2019

In 2005, our kids had a chance to be on the cover of the former Cleveland/Akron Family Magazine. What a thrill that was! As I always was a fan of these local parenting magazines, this planted a seed that took root eight years later when we embarked on the adventure to create a new magazine that filled the void left in the market.

Northeast Ohio Parent was born in March 2014 and grew from the passion to create a great local resource for parents looking to enrich their families’ lives.

At this five-year anniversary mark for Northeast Ohio Parent, I thought it worthwhile to look back and express gratitude to those who have make this magazine, its events and its related properties successful.

The Readers
You embraced us from the start and made us part of your family. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and sharing the crazy adventure of raising kids in Northeast Ohio. One of our greatest joys is seeing you and your children at our fun-filled events. We can’t wait to see you this summer!

The Team
We are blessed with a talented, passionate group of publishing pros who keep us relevant. Thank you to the core team and the extended group of contributors and freelancers who produce our award-winning publications and digital properties.

We are grateful to the many advertisers and sponsors who continue to entrust their marketing investment with Northeast Ohio Parent. As a 100 percent advertiser-supported business, we are so fortunate to be viewed as a powerful connection point to the parent reader audience that you seek to reach. We hope to bring you even greater response in the years ahead with some exciting new initiatives.

Thank you to the dozens of local partners — non-profits, media outlets, shopping and event venues, and vendors we utilize — who have joined with us in partnership. We love working together with you to create a sum that is greater than its parts.

The Future
We can’t wait to grow with you and your family, exploring what’s around the bend. We will keep striving to provide great content, fun-filled and educational events, wonderful adventures, and amazing giveaways. Together, we are making Northeast Ohio the best community in the nation, one that is true to our tagline: Family Living at its Best!

About the author

Brad Mitchell is the founder and publisher of Northeast Ohio Parent, Northeast Ohio Boomer & Beyond and owner of Mitchell Media LLC. Northeast Ohio Parent was launched by Brad and a team in early 2014, and Boomer & Beyond launched in 2015. Brad has served in many different capacities in the magazine industry since the late 1980s in both Cleveland and his hometown of Chicago. He is married and has grown children, a granddaughter and a golden retriever. Brad can be reached at [email protected]

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