Bundle Up: Winter Wear Trends

Bundle Up: Winter Wear Trends

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Winter is here. Samantha Probst, owner of Little Babet clothing store in Chagrin Falls, shares some of the latest winter trends for your kids.

Cold Colors

While the warmer months see bright corals, vibrant yellows and lime greens, clothes during the winter months include mustard orange-browns, cinnamon, khaki green, and brick red shades, and lots of neutrals, such as white, black and gray. Also, mellow autumn colors are always on trend during the colder months. 

Spice up your child’s wardrobe with cinnamon-colored clothes, such as a long-sleeve henley shirt with a button placket and matching cotton bottoms. Perfect as pajamas or for a comfy photoshoot, these clothes for your baby or toddler are versatile and trendy for the winter season. 

“Neutrals are huge, because parents are realizing that it works well on both boys and girls, and if you plan on having more children, you can reuse that outfit or item,” Probst says. 

Patterns are always on trend for the winter season. This winter, plaid is the go-to print. For teens, flannel shirts left unbuttoned with a neutral-colored tank top or T-shirt is a must. Pair with ripped skinny jeans and black sneakers for a more laid-back look.

Consider a black-and-red-plaid pattern or a neutral gray-and-black design to match any occasion. Plaid pajama sets are especially on trend this winter. Whether your child is 12 months or 12 years, plaid is an ongoing trend for the winter months.

“Chunky-knit sweaters are really popular right now, along with chunky-knit tights and leg warmers,” Probst says. “Huge right now from last year is the Carhartt hat in the color brown. It pairs well with lots of different clothes.”

Embellishments on clothes are also on trend this season. Probst says a pocket on a baby tee or a non-functional, big wooden button on a peplum top for a girl adds style and a touch of flair to the outfit. 

“For itty bitty babies, most clothes are free of embellishments,” Probst says. “As kids get older, buttons and zippers and such are added to clothes, but for little ones, plain clothes are on trend and are usually a safer option.”

Faux fur-lined stroller covers and sherpa-lined jackets and boots are also on trend. For little girls, bell sleeves are in style, and for little boys, nordic plaid prints are all the rage. 

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