Cafe O’Play Adds New Services for Parents Working From Home

Cafe O’Play Adds New Services for Parents Working From Home

Photo courtesy of Cafe O'Play

Cafe O’Play, located in Stow, announced it has added new services to assist parents who are juggling childcare and work.

The company’s Work With Care service will include:

  • The ability to book online a 2-hour session during which Cafe O’Play staff will care for children ages 8 months to 47 months. Available during open hours on weekdays.
  • Parents will need to remain on-site in the Cafe, but can make calls or work on projects that require their complete focus.
  • Party rooms are the dedicated space for childcare and are furnished with all necessary items for this service.
  • Staff will use this time for enrichment with each child, with a low teacher to child ratio, 3:1 for 8- to 18-month-olds and 4:1 for 19- to 47-month-olds.

The company’s Second Eye Service, designed for parents whose children are ages 3 through 10, must be purchased along with an Open Play Session. The service offers dedicated staff supervision of a child in the Play Area for an hourly rate of $12.95. Parents/caregivers can work remotely, visit with friends, or catch up on projects while their children are more directly supervised by staff. Based upon staff availability, which will be confirmed prior to your visit.

Click here for more information about these services.

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