Gift Ideas for the College-Bound Student

Gift Ideas for the College-Bound Student

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PARTY_gardcupSend the freshman off to campus with these necessities, and they’ll be writing home for more. 

Cash or Gift Cards. Every college student can use extra cash. However, you can make a little less easy for them to have an all-access pass to “Spendingsville.” Frame your bill (or bills) of choice in a picture frame with “Break only in case of emergency” written on the paper or mat behind it. Local restaurant gift cards and gas cards will be appreciated as well.

Come In Handy. A small toolbox, first aid kit and a car kit with jumper cables are a few items no college student (and anyone, really) should leave home without it.

Keep Clean. No one likes community bathrooms, so keep your co-ed clean, dry and covered up with new flip-flops, towels and a bathrobes. Purchase the items in the grad’s favorite color, college colors or sports team theme.

 Study Buddies. Send the scholar off to university with a variety of snacks that will keep a steady study flow. Snacks like trail mix, granola bars, pretzels and individual food servings are easy to keep on hand or grab and go. Also, include vitamins and a couple sets of earplugs — you never know if he or she might have a noisy roommate.

Laundry Day. A laundry basket with durable handles will definitely come in handy when it comes to trekking down the hall with a week’s (or two or three) worth of laundry. Stock the student with quarters or cash to load onto cards for the laundry machines, too. Don’t forget the detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover and fabric softener. They’ll appreciate having the good stuff to keep their clothes clean. On the bright side, parents might have less to do when they come home for a visit.

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