National Water Safety Month: Keeping Kids Safe Around the Water This Summer

National Water Safety Month: Keeping Kids Safe Around the Water This Summer

It’s National Water Safety Month!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2021 report “Prevention of Drowning”, 70% of drowning deaths among victims younger than 15 occurred between May and August. The highest rate of drowning occurred among children 0 to 4 years old, with toddlers ages 12 to 36 months in the highest risk group, and the majority of preschool aged children drowned in swimming pools.

Angela Gartner, editor of Northeast Ohio Parent, spoke with Vince O’Leary, regional manager at Goldfish Swim School, which has locations in the Greater Cleveland and Akron areas, about the importance of water safety and teaching kids how to swim.

OLeary says anytime you are around water, make sure you have a designated water watcher.

“Someone is always keeping an eye on the pool (or other body of water), in addition to a lifeguard,” he says. “So even if the parents are there, making sure they are watching those kids, they are staying safe and following those rules. When kids start to play, they get excited, like to have fun, they may not be thinking about those safety skills, so making sure the parents are present to help them stay nice and safe.”

For suggestions on floatation devices, he says to make sure to use only Coast Guard-approved life jackets, which will have a symbol on them saying so.

He says to avoid water wings and other similar items, which could deflate and give kids a false sense of security. And if they are in a certain situation, like where their head may go down or inverted, it may not correct their body position.

He said to practice swim lessons before the summer, because the more they practice, the safer they will be.

“Before you go swimming, make sure kids understand the rules of where ever you are,” he says. “Not going near the water without a parent. Not going to the pool without a lifeguard. Not going off to that lake by themselves.”


Goldfish Swim School – Cleveland East Side

Goldfish Swim School – Fairview Park
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