Teacher Appreciation Week: 20 Ways to Thank Your Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week: 20 Ways to Thank Your Teachers

There’s no doubt teachers hold a special place in most parents’ hearts. After all, they’re the ones getting to know our kids — and teaching them what they need to know in order to succeed. How can we let teachers know how much they mean to our kids and families? When it comes to thanking teachers, small meaningful gestures can mean the most. Here are 20 ways to thank teachers before summer break begins.

1. Have Kids Create. Whether it’s a handmade craft at the preschool level, writing a poem of thanks at the elementary level, or a silly video produced at the high school level.

2. Send Sweet Treats. Try to find out a teacher’s favorite indulgent treat, then gift them with a local option.

3. Lighten Their Load. The last day of school for students is typically not the last day for teachers. Ask the teacher if there’s anything you and your child can do to help.

4. Make a Classroom Donation. Ask your child’s teacher if they need anything for next year’s classroom, or if they have a wish list of special items they hope to purchase some day, then donate.

5. Provide a Meal. Bring in breakfast or lunch for your child’s teacher — or if your budget allows, bring coffee and bagels for the entire staff, and place them in the teachers’ lounge. 

6. Give a Gift Card. While this may not be unique, it’s always appreciated.

7. Praise Them. If your child’s teacher did an amazing job, speak up! Tell the school’s administrator how much you appreciate them.

8. Send in Flowers. Fresh flowers are always appreciated. Send them in with your child or have them delivered to the school. If a store-bought arrangement isn’t in your budget, help your child pick a simple wildflower bouquet — it’s the thought that counts.

9. Send Fresh Fruit. Whether it’s a delivered arrangement or a fruit basket assembled at home, giving your child’s teacher a healthy boost of energy will brighten their day.

10. Keep Them Caffeinated. If your child’s teacher is a coffee or tea drinker, put together a gift bag filled with coffee beans or tea leaves, plus accessories like an insulated mug, tea diffuser, chocolate stirrers and more.

11. Give Handwritten Thanks. Often the most meaningful gift is a note of heartfelt thanks. Write a note telling them why you appreciate them and how they helped your child thrive.

12. Help Them Plan Ahead. Help your child’s teacher get a jump start on planning by giving them a calendar for the upcoming year. 

13. Give a Monthly Gift. There are many subscription boxes that give recipients a monthly surprise. Find out some of the teacher’s interests, then select a subscription to match.

14. Organize a Card Shower. Coordinate with all the parents in your child’s class to mail or have the kids bring in cards of thanks on the same day. 

15. Chalk the Walk. Get in touch with as many school parents as possible, and have kids meet at the school one evening, and with the school’s permission, write encouraging messages to teachers and draw pictures.

16. Donate to a Charity. If there’s a cause your child’s teacher is passionate about, consider making a donation in their honor.

17. Stock Their Stationery. From kind messages to thank-you notes, teachers send a lot of cards. Restock their supply.

18. Help Them Relax. Help them find their zen with a gift card to a local spa or a gift bag filled with items to pamper themselves at home.

19. Curate a Playlist. If you know the teacher’s favorite kind of music, have your child create a Spotify playlist. Not sure about their favorites? Use classic hits or create a few playlists with different genres, so they can match the music to their mood.

20. Help Them Haul. Teachers haul around a lot of stuff. Find a fun tote bag or order a canvas one as a gift that will help them get from school to home — and back — in style.

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