Teaching Gratitude through Giving

Teaching Gratitude through Giving

Parents, have you ever heard yourself almost preaching the words “you should be more grateful” (or any semblance of that phrase) to your child who seems totally oblivious to how fortunate they are because of the comfort and conveniences you’ve provided?  Well, I most certainly have and it’s a message that often seems to fall on deaf ears in my most passionate moments. 

I’ve often asked myself, how do we teach children to be more selfless, empathetic and generous in a way that inspires them to one day embrace a lifestyle of giving? It can feel like a lofty task in today’s world, but it’s achievable with the right amount of intention.  

Family volunteerism is a great opportunity for kids and parents to learn more about the needs of others while embracing their power to give. Giving as a family not only transforms the lives of those receiving the gifts, but it can have significant impacts on those giving.

Kids4humankind is an organization with a mission to help restore kindness in the world while shining light on the beauty and goodness reflected in all of us.

Families can join us giving to children currently in shelters and hospitals throughout this holiday season. Kids4HumanKIND are partnering with Cre8Sparks, a DIY art studio in Beachwood to provide art boxes that will allow the children to fully immerse themselves in creativity taking them beyond their current situation. The boxes will support children at Family Promise of Greater Cleveland and the Ronald McDonald House.

You can engage two ways:

• Drop-in Cre8Sparks Studios to create the donation boxes (Boxes are $25) any weekend during the month of November through December 17. 2101 Richmond Road, Beachwood. Open Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 1-6 p.m. 

• Can’t get to the studio? Donate a box online. cre8sparks.com/products/cre8-donate

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