Podcast #96: The Collapse of Parenting

Podcast #96: The Collapse of Parenting

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On the latest episode of aParently  Speaking, host Miriam Conner is joined by Leonard Sax, MD,PhD to discuss his book The Collapse of Parenting.
Sax discusses a major shift that has occurred in American culture: the transfer of authority from parents to children and how these factors and related influences have led to children and teenagers being less resilient, less physically fit, and more likely to become anxious or depressed – and far more fragile – compared with kids from the same demographic 30 years ago.
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Miriam Conner is the host of Northeast Ohio Parent’s popular podcast, “aParently Speaking.” She holds a master’s degree in education and has more than 24 years of experience teaching middle school, high school and post secondary. Miriam is a Northeast Ohio Native; she and her husband have three children. Her blog focuses on "real parenting in real life." Read more from Miriam at letsgetrealparents.com

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