Podcast Episode #52: Saving for College

Podcast Episode #52: Saving for College

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No matter how old your kids are, what they will do after high school is something you probably have started to think about. A big question is most likely how you are going to pay for it.

On the latest episode of aParently Speaking, host Miriam Conner is joined by Tim Gorrell, executive director of the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority.

Gorrell shares his advice for parents to be able to help their children when it comes to college, as well as other options once they graduate from high school. Gorrell, who has extensive knowledge of Ohio’s 529 Plan, explains what a 529 is and answers common questions, including:

What if your child does not go to a traditional college?
What if they receive scholarships or financial aid?
Who can contribute and how?


Tim Gorrell

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