Podcast Episode #54: Children and Screens

Podcast Episode #54: Children and Screens

Technology and screens: as parents, keeping up with this seems like a never-ending battle. It can be exhausting, but we know we need to stay on top of it. This episode of aParently Speaking can help you with that.

Join host Miriam Conner and Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra, president of Children and Screens Institute of Digital Media and Child Development, as they discuss three urgent questions:

1. How is digital media enhancing or impairing children’s ability to live happy, healthy and productive lives?

2. How are years of electronically mediated interactions shaping children’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social development?

3. What should we do about it?

They also cover the topics of obsession/addiction and online meanness/cyberbullying.

If you have screens in your home, you won’t want to miss this episode.


Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra

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