25 Ways to Spend Time with Grandparents During Winter Break

25 Ways to Spend Time with Grandparents During Winter Break

Winter break means many kids will spend time relaxing at home, on their devices, hanging out with friends and playing with their new toys. There will be lots of family time, too. This also is a perfect time for kids to spend extra time with their grandparents — whether they are still at home or in an assisted living community.  

Here are 25 ways kids — and their parents — can make a day with grandparents extra special.

1. Ask them to share some stories about their childhood 

2. Do a puzzle or crossword with them

3. Go through their photo albums with them and ask them about the family history

4. Ask them about their favorite things to read

5. Watch a favorite TV show of theirs with them

6. Ask them about their favorite hobby and have them show or teach you

7. Surprise them with an unplanned visit

8. Find out their favorite food and then bring it to them 

9. Read a book together

10. Help them do the dishes after a meal (or do their dishes for them)

11. Have grandparents help kids write out the family tree and history 

12. For little ones, have a tea party; for the older teens, share a coffee and cookies 

13. Take them shopping at their favorite store

14. Go through their recipe cards and have them explain family favorites

15. Make a craft, paint or draw together

16. For little kids, create a play just for grandma and grandpa, and perform it at their house

17. Have the kids ask their grandparents how and where they met, got married and how they decided on mom’s (or dad’s) name

18. Have each of your kids write a letter to their grandparents and have them read it out loud to them

19. Buy tickets to a local attraction and have the whole family attend, including grandma and grandpa

20. Buy materials to create a scrapbook and have the family work on it together

21. Have the kids do a pretend inter view with their grandparents and record it for future viewing

22. Bring over board games or cards and have the whole family play 

23. Get materials for a fleece tie blanket in grandma or grandpa’s favorite color to work on together

24. Have grandma or grandpa teach them something new (such as a recipe, different saying in the family’s language, etc.) 

25. Grandma or grandpa can help the kids point out or draw out on a map where they grew up

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