At-Home Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

At-Home Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

As winter drags on, finding new things to do at home with your kids can become challenging. Check out the following Pinterest-inspired ideas to find some winter fun — indoors and outdoors — for kids of all ages. 

(For more crafts, activities and snacks, check out the Northeast Ohio Parent Pinterest boards!)

Outdoor Fun

Snow Volcano
Take advantage of all that fresh snow outside to create a cool science experiment. Let your kids help build the volcano and choose the lava color to give them more ownership in this fun activity.
From Science Sparks

Snow Paint
Whether you plan to add color to a snowman, write your name in freshly fallen snow, or paint an elaborate piece of art over your entire front yard, this is a fun way to get your kids outdoors for some fresh air and creativity.
From Premeditated Leftovers

Colored Ice Sculptures
Kids of all ages will enjoy this combined science and art activity that uses colored ice cubes. Wait for a below-freezing day and head outside to create a masterpiece in your own yard.
From Happy Hooligans

Ice Ornaments
Take a wintry nature walk to collect supplies, then freeze them into shaped ice decorations to beautify your backyard.
From The Growing Creatives

Frozen Bubbles
It’s the perfect time to go outdoors and blow bubbles! All you need is bubble solution, a bubble wand, and really cold temperatures to watch a beautiful transformation take place.
From ThoughtCo.


Indoor Activities

Edible Marshmallow Snowman Craft
Build a snowman indoors with this fun activity that doubles as a snack. Marshmallows make the base, while other candies, pretzels and snacks you have on hand create the accessories.
From Marty’s Musings

Indoor Snow Play
Bring the snow day fun inside with a big tub of the fluffy stuff. Ideas include snow painting, scooping and measuring with kitchen tools, creating Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head out of snow, making snow ice cream and more.
From Growing a Jeweled Rose

Snow Slime
Stock up on glue, blue and silver glitter, and foil snowflakes to create this ooey gooey sensory craft that kids will love to play with.
From No Time for Flashcards

Arctic Animal Suncatcher
Download free arctic animal silhouette printables to star as the centerpieces of this art project. Hang the finished projects on or near a window and the result will light up those cold winter days.
From Kids Craft Room

Puffy Snow Paint
Combine glue and shaving cream with a few other simple ingredients to create a sensory art medium. Use the puffy, shimmery snow paint to create snowmen art or other winter scenes.
From Growing a Jeweled Rose

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