Cleveland Botanical Garden’s ‘Rainforest Adventure’ Opens Saturday

Cleveland Botanical Garden’s ‘Rainforest Adventure’ Opens Saturday

Photo credit: Minotaur Mazes

One of the most important and least known habitats on Earth, the rainforest, is filled with exciting mysteries waiting to be discovered at the newest exhibit, “Rainforest Adventure,” at Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Beginning March 7, bring the family to explore the plant and animal diversity of the rainforest through an interactive maze as you swing through the highest branches, fly through the understory, and help birds migrate. After you make your way through the maze, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the rainforest in the Eleanor Armstrong Smith glasshouse, featuring birds, iguanas and other creatures of the tropical climate, as well as twice-daily butterfly releases.

Explore the four layers of the rainforest canopy with hands-on activities and adventures:

With trees reaching over 200 feet tall, the emergent layer towers over everything in the rainforest. 

  • Migratory Bird Magnet Maze – Help migratory birds make the incredible journey from winter resting grounds to summer nesting grounds.  But watch out for hazards along the way.

The roof of the forest, the canopy is a tangled green layer of leaves, vines, fruits and colorful flowering plants. 

  • Brachiation Station – Get into the swing of things! Do you have the strength, grace and timing to swing like a spider monkey and other primates? 
  • Spider Web Climb – Spiders are a vital part of the rainforest food chain, feeding birds and other animals.  Get a spider’s eye view of a web you don’t want to get tangled up in…or DO you?

In the understory, smaller trees compete for the little sunlight that filters through the thick green roof of the canopy. 

  • Butterfly Zip Slide – Spread your wings and sail 10 feet through the understory as a butterfly.  
  • Butterfly Camouflage Mural – See if you can find these cleverly disguised creatures in all four stages of their development: egg, larvae, chrysalis and adult.
  • Hanging Vines – Descend deeper through the understory on hanging vines, getting ever closer to the forest Floor.

With a tangle of large roots and very little light, the Forest Floor is filled with plants specially adapted to low light and high moisture. 

  • Architecture by Nature – Witness the engineering genius of nature by seeing how a 100-foot-tall tree can stand in 18 inches of soil. Learn how buttress roots make all the difference by building your own. 
  • Frog Jump – Frogs can jump over 10x their body length. How far can you jump? Check your height and see if you can go the distance.

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