Valentines Day Crafts, Activities & Snacks for Kids

Valentines Day Crafts, Activities & Snacks for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is a week away, and I do not know what spell cupid puts on our children, but they get just as excited for this holiday as Easter and Halloween. Maybe it’s the thrill of decorating their school Valentine’s Day box and bringing home a box full of goodies from their friends. Heck, maybe it is simply all of the candy that comes along with this special day.  

Whatever the reason, I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to remind us all to slow down, treat yourself to a chocolate or two and tell someone how much they mean to you! 

Here are a few darling ideas for crafts with the kiddos, as well as some sweetheart-themed snacks for all to enjoy!

1. Marshmallow Toothpick Structures:
Combining sweets and science is an incredible way to get your little ones to sit down and focus on a craft that challenges them in a multitude of ways! This is such an easy activity to set up on a whim, and one in which all ages can participate.

2. Valentine Donut Printables:
I “donut” about you, but the idea of tossing a few prepackaged donuts into a clear gift wrap and pairing it with a darling valentine seems like a delicious way to pass out a treat to a teacher or classmate!

Let’s talk class valentines — these days, kids get really excited about coming up with something a bit more creative than the ordinary paper fill-in-the-blank valentine. These three ideas are not only easy to put together, but so unique your child will feel special handing these out:

3. Gem of a friend

4. Glow stick valentines

5. Unicorn valentines

Whip up some sweet and savory Valentine’s Day bites that are sure to make that special someone feel loved!

1. Check out Abby Thome’s 5-minute Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs that you can dip into a homemade whipped cream. 

2. A crowd-pleasing charcuterie board is always a favorite at any gathering. Combining cheeses with salty and sweet pairings onto a board not only looks beautiful, but allows guests to pick and choose their bite!

3. A classic white chocolate Chex mix gets a festive spin simply by adding holiday-themed m&ms. This sweet treat is a fun one to make with children of all ages!

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