100 Family New Year’s Resolutions

100 Family New Year’s Resolutions

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There’s no doubt about it: 2020 was an unforgettable year. Between stay-at-home orders, remote learning and working from home, chances are your family spent more time together last year than at any time in recent memory — maybe even ever. 

Now, it’s time to turn to the New Year, knowing that whatever highs and lows 2021 will bring, your family will face them together. That’s why we’re focusing on New Year’s resolutions for the whole family. 


Looking for some inspiration? Check out these 100 ideas to get you started.


1. Get outside daily

2. Pack healthier lunches

3. Plan to eat dinner together weekly

4. Set aside time to read together

5. “Unplug” during dinner

6. Plan weekly game nights

7. Explore local playgrounds and parks

8. Establish a weekly chore plan for kids

9. Use reusable shopping bags

10. Visit the library together

11.  Keep a family calendar

12. Volunteer together for a local organization

13. Start a new tradition

14. Donate old toys and clothes

15. Create a monthly goal 

16. Organize your closets

17. Strive to always be honest with each other

18. Drink more water

19. Hug one another every day

20. Use more eco-friendly products

21. Make time for a healthy breakfast

22. Perform random acts of kindness for others

23. Talk less, listen more

24. Take more photos — with mom and dad in the picture

25. Improve everyone’s fitness by being active together

26. Make a new friend

27. Start (or improve) recycling at home

28. Let go of a grudge

29. Make time for self-care

30. Redecorate a room in your home

31. Save together for a family purchase

32. Ditch the screens daily for some family time

33. Get more sleep

34. Reconnect with an old friend

35. Take a class (virtual or in-person)

36. Quit a bad habit

37. Plant a garden

38. Give someone different a compliment every day

39. Speak kindly to one another

40. Start a new hobby together

41. Visit a new local attraction

42. Go sightseeing in your own city

43. Spend less time on social media

44. Cook more meals at home (together, when possible)

45. Stretch daily

46. Learn stress management techniques

47. Practice daily gratitude and positive affirmations

48. Stop procrastinating

49. Plan a family vacation

50. Stock the pantry with healthier snacks

51. Try new foods together

52. Call out-of-town family members regularly

53. Have the kids write letters to grandparents

54. Argue less, compromise more

55. Encourage your kids to try something new

56. Make a family scrapbook

57. Organize the kids’ artwork

58. Explore new hiking trails

59. Eat more fruits and vegetables

60. Make reasonable to-do lists and stick to them 

61. Get health check-ups for all family members

62. Be more open-minded

63. Eat less fast food

64. Establish a family budget

65. Make time for mindfulness or meditation

66. Back up your photos and videos

67. Tackle a home improvement project

68. Pay down or eliminate debt

69. Watch less TV

70. Adopt a family pet

71. Try “meatless Mondays”

72. Start a compost pile

73. Support a charity

74. Avoid becoming overcommitted 

75. Learn a new language

76. Make time to do arts and crafts as a family

77. Gather and organize favorite family recipes

78. Start a family tree

79. Conquer a fear

80. Stop texting while driving

81. Meal plan at the beginning of each week

82. Get professional photos taken of your family

83. Create a bedtime routine — for kids and adults

84. Journal about family milestones

85. Stop gossipping about coworkers, neighbors and others

86. Take a mini road trip to a neighboring town for a day

87. Run a 5K together

88. Make meals for families in need

89. Learn about other cultures

90. Complete a “no spend” challenge

91. Complete an unfinished home improvement project

92. Clear out your inbox 

93. Wake up on time

94. Reduce your sugar consumption

95. Give at least one compliment every day

96. Do chores for a neighbor — without expecting anything in return

97. Volunteer at your child’s school

98. Organize your photos into albums

99. Shop locally whenever possible

100. Don’t be late to work or school

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