Camp of the Week: Camp Fitch

Camp of the Week: Camp Fitch

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At Camp Fitch, our Summer Camp provides boys and girls aged 6–17 with a holistically safe community where they discover friendship and achievement. Kids feel like they belong here among our carefully vetted, highly committed, and caring staff. Our gorgeous and well-maintained site on the shore of Lake Erie has been the setting for our intentional culture of putting Christian values into practice for over a century. A transformative Fitch experience is among the most important a child can have to develop independence and self-confidence.

Primary outcomes for an impactful and memorable sleep-away camp experience should include the formation of strong friendships, growth in the camper’s sense of self-efficacy, and that wonderful feeling that comes from being in a welcoming natural environment where everyone knows your name.

Research shows that a sleep-away summer camp creates lasting gains for kids in character values such as empathy, getting along with others, independence, and resilience.

Through partnering with the Erie Health Department and health care professionals, we have designed a safe camping environment to make kids better, forever. We have several experiences for your kids in our Summer Camp program depending on age and interest: each experience is described below. Cast off the bowlines and come dream, discover, and explore at Camp Fitch!

Click here to learn more about Camp Fitch.

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