Fun Gift Ideas for the Picky Teenager

Fun Gift Ideas for the Picky Teenager

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Ah, the joys of raising a teenager. Unexplained bouts of grumpiness, constant moodiness, and messy rooms are the hallmarks of living with a teen in the house. For all of the challenges they provide a parent, they still manage to be so darn lovable. One of the less stressful ways they challenge our faculties as a parent is when it comes time for gift giving. Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, coming up with great gifts for a teenager can be anything but simple.

Travel Help

Has your son or daughter expressed an interest in travel? If unable to do so in high school, traversing the globe might be on their list of to-dos after graduation, and it’s never too early to start saving for a special trip. If you’re worried your child won’t have the fortitude to put the money away in favor of spending it on teenage wishes, you can always purchase an airline gift certificate. Pick a company that flies out of a local airport near you to ensure they can use the certificate when the time comes. Looking for something more tangible related to travel? Consider a new travel backpack from Osprey. These top-of-the-line packs are made to withstand the elements, and will take your kids on all the backpacking adventures they dream of—when that time comes, of course. Sometimes having tangible items like this can inspire younger people to work harder towards their goals, and this may be the catalyst for your child working to graduate with a savings account that lets them explore the globe.

Teen Fashion

Let’s face it, shopping for clothing for your teen is asking for trouble. Searching down something that matches their ever-changing style can be a harder task than most parents are willing to sign up for, but that doesn’t mean you have to take clothes off the list of gift ideas. Stick to accessories, and always grab gift receipts so your child can return the item if it’s something they don’t meld with. Find something a little different than what your child might find elsewhere. It could be buying crazy socks online from a retailer like, or personalized sports gear for teens from that they can wear on the court or field. Think outside of the box; you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to impress your teen, contrary to popular belief.

Some Subscription Fun

Subscription gifts have become all the rage, and this creative gift idea is outside-of-the-box and unique enough to impress even the pickiest of teens. If your teen constantly has their nose buried into a new book, a subscription service like that will send along new titles every month, or at the intervals of your choice. Have a teen who adores makeup and trying out the latest cosmetic trends? Stick to the classic BirchBox to keep her stocked up on the latest products. There’s endless types of subscription boxes available, so consider what makes your teen tick and choose something they’re passionate about.  

A Tech Junkie

If you have a child who absorbs any and everything tech-related, finding a technology present is sure to fit the bill. Whether it’s a splurge item like a laptop that can help them through their college career or something as simple as a personalized laptop cover, you’re sure to whet their whistle with a tech gift. If you’re looking for a laptop cover, consider Society6. This awesome company gives you a variety of art prints to choose from, which they then convert into a sturdy case that fits your child’s phone, laptop, or other electronic essential. You might consider buying your teen a gift certificate for the site so they can pick out their very own design and make sure their case is exactly what they were looking for.

Shopping for a picky teen isn’t high on many parents’ lists, but with these tips in your arsenal, you’ll have a much easier time finding something your child is sure to appreciate—maybe even enough to inspire those rare teenage smiles!

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