Easterseals Offers Free Speech Screenings For Children

Easterseals Offers Free Speech Screenings For Children

Easterseals Northern Ohio is offering free speech-language screenings during September and October. The screening is designed to provide a quick assessment of a child’s speech-language abilities and to help determine if a comprehensive evaluation is necessary.  

“Parents should be attentive to their children’s ability to express themselves from birth,” said Susan Powers, Easterseals vice president of Children’s Services. “Just as we know at what age a baby should roll over or sit up, we have documented communication milestones.”

Easterseals speech pathologists provide a wide variety of speech and language services to help children with communication delays or disorders and work with families to help children experience success. It also offers services for children ages birth through school-age to promote early identification, diagnosis and treatment of communication issues. Easterseals speech-language pathologists are experienced in pediatrics, licensed by the state of Ohio, and certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. 

Call 1-888-325-8532, ext. 101 to schedule a free speech-language screening or to learn about the Easterseals speech therapy program. Visit easterseals.com/noh for more information. 

Speech milestones include:

◌ By age 3 months, smiling when spoken to.

◌ By age 6 months, babbling in speech-like sounds.

◌ By age 1 year, saying simple words, like “bye-bye.”

◌ By age 2 years, putting two words together to make simple sentences, like “More cookie.”

◌ By age 3 years, having a word for almost everything.

◌ By age 4 years, using detailed sentences, like “I have two red balloons at home.”

◌ By age 5 years, saying almost all sounds correctly and using the same grammar as the rest of the family.

◌ By school age, following instructions and paying attention in class.

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