Geauga Park District Announces Nature Writing Contest Winners

Geauga Park District Announces Nature Writing Contest Winners

Geauga Park District announces the 26th Annual Nature Writing Contest winners. Read their winning works at the under News & Updates, or come hear them read in person (and pick up a FREE winners’ chapbook) on Sunday, August 8, at 3 p.m. during the 30th Annual Nature Arts Festival at Big Creek Park.

The winners are: 

Child Prose

1st – Manya Raina, “Fond Memories”
2nd – Kiefer Schatz, “Nature Versus Humanity”
3rd – Joshua Gordon, “Gathering Day”
Honorable Mention – Ava Carbone, “Animals After Dark”
Honorable Mention – Saanvi Chari, “Wishing Upon a Shooting Star”

Child Poetry

1st – Mitch Neff, “Nature”
2nd – Adam Nitz, “Trees”
3rd – Gabrielle Armstrong, “Springtime”
Honorable Mention – Liam Gorris, “Brown”
Honorable Mention – Amarianna Mormile, “In The Woods”

Adolescent Prose

1st – Chloe Leng, “The Animal Inside”
2nd – Omar Elbadawy, “Through Eagle Eyes”
3rd – Abby Colbow, “The Willow Tree”
Honorable Mention – Angela D’Souza, “Petrichor”
Honorable Mention – Mariana Del Rio, “Nature’s Lullaby”

Adolescent Poetry

1st – Maya Taylor, “Blue Lagoon”
2nd – Carmen Hu, “Stars Shine”
3rd – Saoirse Niehus, “Frostmorn’”
Honorable Mention – Hannah McCauley, “Youth”
Honorable Mention – Gregory Palumbo, “The Woodpecker” 

Adult Prose

1st – Andrew France, “Will the circle be unbroken?”
2nd – Matt Hayward, “Chagrin River Story”
3rd – Mike Albright, “With each paw step on the trail”
Honorable Mention – Samantha Schatz, “Winter Adventure”
Honorable Mention – Jacob Silvia, “Dandelion Junction”

Adult Poetry

1st – Karen Morgan, “Kentucky Warbler”
2nd – David Adams, “The Dream of the Last Loon”
3rd – Nancy Huth, “Multilingual”
Honorable Mention – Nanette Barrett, “Hellebores”
Honorable Mention – Sam Wright, “Beech Tree in the Snow, February 26”

For more on Geauga Park District offerings, please call 440-286-9516 or visit Geauga Park District online via, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

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