100 Days of Summer Activities

100 Days of Summer Activities

In the beginning of summer, it seems like days of limitless possibility stretch before us. Even so, it might not take long before choruses of “I’m bored” start to echo throughout the house. Keep your kids — and yourself — entertained with these fun ideas. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there’s something to do every day, with a few extra ideas thrown in for good measure.

1. Plan a road trip

2. Take a family bike ride

3. Stay up late and go stargazing 

4. Go to an amusement park

5. Have a picnic

6. Go swimming at a pool or pond

7. Watch fireworks

8. Plan a beach day

10. Go to a drive-in movie theater

11. Play Frisbee or catch

12. Shop at a local farmers market

13. Attend an outdoor concert

14. Play in the rain

15. Visit a new-to-you museum

17. Catch fireflies

18. Visit an arcade

19. Go bird watching

20. Donate old toys and clothes to a charity

21. Plant a garden

22. Hold a Lego building competition

23. Visit a new playground or park

24. Make slime or homemade playdough

26. Attend a county fair

27. Build an obstacle course

28. Go fishing

29. Bargain-hunt at garage sales

30. Take a cooking class

31. Go to a roller skating rink

32. Have breakfast for dinner

33. Plan a DIY spa day

34. Stay in your PJs all day for a movie marathon

35. Visit a water park or splash pad

36. Host a garage sale

37. Make homemade pizza

38. Take a virtual field trip

39. Order a treat at a local ice cream shop

39. Go to the zoo

40. Make paper airplanes and see whose flies the farthest

41. Attend a storytime (in-person or virtual)

42. Visit a farm that offers pick-your-own produce

43. Camp out in the backyard

44. Play charades

45. Perform random acts of kindness

46. Have a “screen-free” day

47. Pick wildflowers

48. Make a time capsule

49. Host a sleepover or  virtual party

50. Take an art class

51. Plant flowers in your yard

52. Make birthday cards for friends and family

53. Have a pillow fight

54. Go for a hike

56. Fly a kite

57. Make up a dance routine

58. Celebrate Christmas in July

59. Relax in a hammock

60. Create a family reading nook

61. Go roller skating

62. Serve breakfasts in bed

63. Create a backyard scavenger hunt

64. Feed ducks or fish at  a local pond

65. Have a family game  night with special snacks  and prizes

66. Write your own stories for each other

67. Hold a driveway car wash

68. Make suncatchers

69. Create your own recipe

70. Complete a challenging puzzle together

71. Explore other cultures

72. Watch a sunrise or sunset

73. Create a chalk mural  on the driveway

74. Visit a new neighborhood or city

75. Have a campfire and make s’mores

76. Climb a tree

77. Participate in a birthday parade for a friend

78. Paint rocks and hide them for others to find

79. Do fun science experiments together

80. Play yard games: tag, Simon says, giant Jenga, corn hole, etc.

82. Visit a nature center

83. Buy a treat from an ice cream truck

84. Attend a local sporting event

85. Make mud pies

86. Go on a shopping spree

87. Learn something new together

88. Build a blanket fort

89. Lie on your backs and look for shapes in the clouds

90. Go puddle jumping

91. Participate in your library’s summer reading program

92. Get family photos taken

93. Eat alfresco at a local restaurant

94. Volunteer for a local charity

95. Spend a rainy day at an indoor play place

96. Have a lemonade stand

97. Play a game of mini-golf

98. Skip rocks on a nearby pond

99. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or at the park

100. Build and hang your own bird feeder

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