Supporting the Ripple Effect of Adoption

Supporting the Ripple Effect of Adoption

When someone has a connection to adoption, they often think of a one-time legal event that occurred –either when they adopted their child or when they, themselves, were adopted. And, often those who place a child for adoption consider themselves outside of that world entirely.

There is a lifelong journey involved in adoption and for anyone touched by it. The adoptees might wonder wonder why they were placed; for birth families, who have never forgotten the child; and for prospective, adoptive and foster families, who deserve to have their questions addressed honestly. These individuals and the ripple effect among their families and loved ones comprise the “Adoption Constellation.”

If you find yourself in this constellation, consider attending a General Support and Discussion Meeting in a location near you to listen, learn and be supported by others who understand. (General Support and Discussion Meetings are open to anyone with an interest in adoption.) The meetings are held monthly in Rocky River, Cleveland Heights, Lake County and Summit County, plus in a variety of other locations throughout the state.

Prospective and adoptive parents can find much support via Adoption Network Cleveland’s Adoption Navigator program and Post Adoption programming. Adoption 101: Where Do I Begin? is a workshop which gives an overview to all of the paths to adoption for those just beginning to consider adopting.

The Post Adoption program hosts a monthly Adoptive Family and Teen Youth Support Group that focus on topics unique to adoptive families. Adoptive parents who need support with their child’s school issues can access educational support through the Educational Liaison program. Finally, families who have adopted transracially have their own monthly social gathering with the “Weaving Cultures Transracial Adoptive Family Group.”

Adoption Network Cleveland is a unique non-profit organization right here in our community that was founded by an adoptee to provide education, support and advocacy to anyone with an adoption connection.  For more information about these and other programs and services of Adoption Network Cleveland, go to:



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