Parent Tip of the Week: Adoption Q & A

Parent Tip of the Week: Adoption Q & A

Boys and girls of all ages are waiting to be adopted. Children come from a variety of cultural, ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds, along with some who have special needs. They all are in need of stable parents who are sensitive to their circumstances. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding becoming a foster parent and adoption:

Q: Do you have to earn a certain income?

A: You must be able to meet your household needs.

Q: Do you have to be married?

A: No, you can be married, single, divorced, widowed or be a co-parent.

Q: Do you have to own your own home?

A: No, you can rent. However, you must have adequate space available and your landlord’s
approval to care for foster children.

Q: Can you be a foster parent if you work?

A: Yes. Extra help for the cost of daycare may be available.

Q: Do foster children have to have separate bedrooms?

A: No, but each child must have a separate bed. Foster children cannot have a bedroom
in the attic or basement. After age five, boys and girls have to sleep in separate rooms.

Q: What happens after training is completed?

A: Once you have completed the required pre-service training, including completing and turning in all required paperwork, you will fill out and submit an application. Some of the required paperwork includes: a fire inspection and safety audit of the home, a medical statement from a doctor for each member of the family, and police checks and fingerprints for all adults in the household. Then a social worker, known as a licensing specialist, will be assigned to begin the home study process. This involves information sharing and gathering for determining an applicant’s suitability in meeting the general criteria to be licensed and/or approved as a foster or foster-to-adopt parent based upon state and agency eligibility requirements. The home study process usually takes three to six months.


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