Book Picks for your Reading Space

Book Picks for your Reading Space

- in 2022 Editions, Ages & Stages, November 2022

National Parenting Product Awards provides some books that will delight kids — and parents alike.

Moody Moody Cars

In this unique and charming picture book, classic cars express a range of feelings, from excited to angry, to help kids learn about emotions. Enjoy the photos of cool cars or dive deeper into the engine of emotional understanding. $16.99, ages 4-8,

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers

Celebrates barrier-breaking activists, artists, inventors and entrepreneurs under the age of 30 leading the next generation of girls to change the world. Includes a foreword by conservationist and book subject Bindi Irwin and features work by creators aged 11 to 30 including 13 contributing authors and original illustrations from 84 artists from around the world. $35, ages 6-12,

The Animal Adventurer’s Guide

Packed with hands-on activities and projects that bring you closer to wild animals — from feathery birds and furry mammals to slippery herps, crawly arthropods and other intriguing invertebrates. $17.95, ages 5-9,

The Alphabet With Milo

A science-based alphabet book that features Milo, a real rescue dog. From A to Z, the illustrators bring each letter to life, combining literacy science with Milo’s uplifting story. A portion of proceeds from each Rescue Series sale go to support rescue dog organizations. $10-20, ages birth-5,

The Gnome in Your Home: A Tradition of Kindness

The gnomes make a plan to visit homes in order to teach children and adults how to start a tradition of kindness. Included with the book are 30 removable acts of kindness cards, which make it super easy for families to get started. $29.95, 3+,


A wordless picture book, where playing is guaranteed, and endless narrations are possible. Begin your silent journey through nature and different landscapes where anything is possible. $18.95, ages 4-8,

The Highlights Book of How

An essential book of curiosity and wonder, integrating STEM content, experiments and activities. Provides dozens of ways for kids to explore and create while deepening their understanding of science. $29.99, ages 7+,


An inclusive book for all types of family constellations. Created with care to contemplate the different families that exist in the world and designed to highlight the unconditional love and gratitude towards life. $16.95, ages 4 – 8,

Musical Sound Book Series

Colorful, fun, and engaging to make reading fun for little ones at home. Each page has engaging illustrations, delightful music, and lyrics that help enhance language comprehension. $25, ages 3-10,

Brothers and Sisters 

This picture book is a warm-hearted tribute to siblings and their magical bond, with stunning art by award-winning illustrator Sonja Wimmer. $16.95, 4 – 8,

Recordable Storybook Series

Combining the love of words and technology to allow children, parents and grandparents to record their voice reading classic fairytales. Create memories that will last a lifetime. $40, ages 3-10 years,

A Smart Girl’s Guide: Tough Stuff 

A book that shows girls how to get through tricky times—from bullying to body image issues, friendship stress to family struggles, and panic attacks to pandemic. $12.99, ages 10+,

The Warrior’s Code: And How I Live It Every Day

Kai is a warrior, and this is the warrior’s code: to be peaceful, to be kind of heart, and to respect all living things. A book that teaches kids that bravery means treating others with kindness. $16.95, ages 4-8,

Mommy Goes to Work 

Celebrates working moms and makes drop offs easier, one story at a time. Help ease the transition back to work after maternity leave $19.99, entire family, Various retailers.

100 Things That Go

Take a road trip to the land of learning with the interactive book. Hear 100+ words about modes of transportation from dog sleds and dump trucks to skates and school buses. $14.99, ages 18 months+,

I am a Force of Nature 

A beautifully-illustrated board book encouraging kids to explore their feelings and the world around them. Offers a great message that we can find the same brave, playful, colorful and crabby qualities found in animals and nature within ourselves. $8.95, ages 1-3,

The Lively Forest 

A beautiful story rooted in the diversity of the forest biome and the joy of outdoor community. Features jaunty, lyrical text, harmonious and folky illustrations, and imaginative and compassionate suggestions on how to help the environment. $15, ages birth-8, 

Shadow Play Books

Unfold the book, turn down the lights and switch on a flashlight to be transported into a world of imagination. These magic books will inspire parents and kids to share nightly stories. $39.90, ages birth+,

Everything Changes

A beautiful exploration of impermanence accompanied by vibrant illustrations that explore every corner of the world, from rolling fields in Tibet to the cozy, fireplace-lit living room of a family member’s home. $17.95, ages 3-7,

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