Build a Book Nook for Your Budding Reader

Build a Book Nook for Your Budding Reader

Creating a reading corner or book nook is a great way to encourage your little reader. We’ve asked experts to weigh in on how you can build a book nook for your child, no matter what kind of space or budget you’re working with. When it comes to which elements to include in a book nook, a lot will depend on your space, budget, and personal preferences. Still, there are some essentials any cozy reading space will need.


Sarah Taylor, an interior designer with Hall & Parlor in Chagrin Falls, says to make sure you include something cozy to sit on “Whether it’s a beanbag chair, some sort of chair, or a window seat cushion,” she says. 


Since your child will be reading, you’ll of course need good lighting, too.

“Lighting is key,” Taylor says. She recommends and often uses task lighting or string lights for this kind of space.

Displays and Shelving — and Books

You’ll also want to make sure that your child’s books are easily accessible, whether that means including a bookshelf, display, or even something as simple as a basket or bin.

If your child is old enough, Karen Aronian, educational design expert says to involve them in picking out books.

“Depending on the age of your child, you will want their input on what genres and authors will be collected for the space,” she says.

Creating the Space

Deciding where to set up your book nook can be a challenge for some parents. If you have the budget and space for it, Taylor says she has designed books nooks with built-in benches and bookshelves.

But for parents who have limited space to work with, she suggests looking for less expected spots that might work, like under a loft bed, under stairs, or even in part of a closet.

“You can always create a corner of a room if you need to with a little canopy,” Taylor says, adding you can use an area rug or peel-and-stick wallpaper to help define the space.

Aronian offers some more ideas for parents to consider. 

 “A cleared and repurposed closet or attic can be a neat reading hideout,” she says. “A hallway landing can be a functional spot.”

Erin Beers, a seventh-grade English language arts teacher and blogger at, says that kids usually prefer cozy spaces.

 “If your child can comfortably sit and stretch out then you have plenty of room to work with,” she says.

Beers suggests having a few different comfortable options around to make the space customizable, such as oversized pillows, foam chairs, and bean bag chairs.

“If you have hardwood floors then you definitely want an area rug,” she adds.

“You don’t have to solve it all at one time,” Beers says, noting to leave space for your child to add their own design and layout preferences. She says this will allow the space to grow with your child.

Budget Friendly Ideas

Designing a book nook for your child can be an inexpensive project if you know where to look. 

“Facebook marketplace is a goldmine for gently used furniture,” says Beers. “Between Amazon and Ikea, you should find plenty of inexpensive options for area rugs, lamps, and bookshelves.”

Aronian adds that you can still involve your kids in the process and save money.

 “Take kids to a secondhand or child consignment store where they may see items they want,” she says, adding that stores like Target, Walmart, or HomeGoods are often budget-friendly as well.

For books, used book stores and library book sales are both great options.

 “These are exciting events to attend with kids where they can gather a wide book selection without pricey decision making,” Aronian says.

In the end, as long as your book nook has a cozy place to sit, good lighting, and some of your child’s favorite books, that’s all you really need.


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