Ideas for Creating Fun School Lunches

Ideas for Creating Fun School Lunches

Pack healthy school lunches for kids

By letting your kids play a role in planning and packing their lunches, while tossing in a variety of appealing, fun options, you can make sure your students are set up for success.

“When lunchtime is easy and enjoyable, my kids are more likely to eat what we’ve prepared together,” says Amy Bellgardt, mother of two and founder of the lifestyle blog Mom Spark.

Bellgardt recommends these tips for creating tasty and fun back-to-school lunches.

Pick a Theme
Coming up with daily or even weekly themes based on types of foods can be a great way to tap into your child’s creative side. For example, try taco Tuesday with walking tacos, or send along several foods that are dip-able, like chicken strips and honey mustard, apple slices and honey, or carrots and ranch dressing. Another fun theme could be breakfast for lunch with eggs, mini-pancakes and yogurt. 

Mix it Up
For winning flavor combinations, pack small amounts of many kid-friendly items from different food groups like crackers, carrot sticks and grapes in colorful bento box-style containers. An option such as Mini Babybel cheese, a 100 percent real cheese with a rich and creamy taste, can be paired with colorful fruits and vegetables — as well as lunchtime staples like sandwiches — to create a balanced and tasty meal. 

Let Kids Help
Involving children in planning and packing their own lunches can be empowering. Place a note on the fridge to remind your kids what should go in their lunchboxes and lend a hand with the more difficult parts, such as slicing fruit and veggies or sandwich prep. Creating a routine with your little ones every night before bed can save you time in the morning, foster smart eating habits and create a sense of responsibility.


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