The Latest Baby Gear is both Adorable and Functional

The Latest Baby Gear is both Adorable and Functional

Ollie Swaddle

With each new baby comes new gear. Sometimes the sheer variety of products can feel overwhelming, thanks to all the claims of “new and improved” items. While it’s up to parents to know what’s best for their baby, we wanted to highlight some of the trendier — yet functional — baby products on the market right now.

Ollie Swaddle
Babies can feel snug in this swaddle, which features Ollie’s patented moisture-wicking material. It’s soft and regulates temperature to keep little ones comfortable without the risk of overheating. The elasticity allows for freedom of movement while the opening at the bottom makes it easy to change diapers. The velcro design of this one-size blanket meets the needs of every baby.

Purl Lamb
For parents — and kids — who want to relax in their sweats. Designed for comfort and movement, the baby line has organic hoodies and sweats, as well as one-piece hooded jumpers. The hoods offer babies dinosaur scales or ears as accessories, and pants feature bright prints, stripes or ruffles with mix-and-match pieces for both boys and girls.

Diono Car Seats
The full steel frame, as some online reviewers say makes the seat heavier than most, also provides durability. Diono seats are made with a steel alloy frame, aluminum reinforced sidewalls and a reinforced adjustable head support. Have more than one child? The narrow design allows for installation of three seats in the backseat of most vehicles.

From bath time to pool adventures, this unique floatie helps babies as young as eight weeks explore the water and their newfound mobility. The device fits safely around a baby’s neck, allowing the freedom to move arms, legs and body while keeping comfortably afloat.

New Mom Comics: The First Year
This 120-page book features comics that touch on everything to expect when having a baby, from blowouts to breastfeeding, with a very real and relatable perspective and funny wit that any new parent will appreciate.

Bibs aren’t what they used to be anymore. Many babies are wearing a stylish version that looks great while absorbing drool drips. Bandana bibs, or “bibdanas,” come in 
all colors for both girls and boys. Check out or many other baby product retailers for a bib that’s right for your baby.

Zutano Booties
Keep your baby’s feet nice and cozy with these stylish booties that actually stay on little feet, thanks to a two-snap design. Offered in a variety of colors and materials, Zutano booties come in four sizes: 3 months, 6 months,
 12 months and 18 months (the two larger sizes are available with grippers on the bottom, perfect for walkers).

Baby Shusher
There are sound machines, and then there’s the baby Shusher, which 
is designed to mimic the noises babies hear in the womb and engage their natural calming reflex.
The compact, portable machine is battery operated and offers a timer feature so parents can set it to turn o after 15 or 30 minutes.

With a Friend
To help keep track of your baby’s “binky” while also making for a more soothing experience, makers such
as WubbaNub ( have attached a soft toy to the pacifier. The stuffed animals allow the babies to grip something while being soothed. Similar products are offered by several different makers, such as Finn+Emma (


Editor’s Pick — NoseFrida
Managing/Digital Editor Denise Koeth: I know what you’re thinking. Anything that’s marketed as a “snot sucker” is too gross, weird, etc. to be taken seriously. We used the traditional bulb syringe for my oldest
son when he was a baby, but last year when my youngest came down with RSV at age 3 months, I knew we needed something more effective to keep his nose clear. NoseFrida is comprised of a tube that is pressed against the baby’s nostril, a hygienic filter, a thin air tube, and a mouthpiece. Mom or dad sucks in air through the mouthpiece and watches in amazement as all the snot enters the tube after hastily exiting baby’s nostril. The filter gets tossed afterward, and the other parts are very easy to clean.

Editor’s Pick — Cloud b Twilight Turtle Sound Machine
Editor Angela Gartner: While my “babies” are ages 7 and 10, this is something I will always remember and it is still available today. The soothing stars and moon that shine from the shell of this simple turtle (my sons’ turtle shell still hasn’t been broken) provide a calming effect for any nursery or child’s room. Its three colors, blue, green and amber, provide the soft glow of a starry night. With a 45-minute timer and automatic shut-off, the battery-run turtle is simple to install and can be placed anywhere in the room. My boys recently discovered their turtle again. We counted the stars (like we did when they were little) and it even joined us on a recent road trip. The dark can be scary for some kids. On the road, it provided a nice soft light in the backseat and didn’t disturb the two adults in front.

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