Modern Homeschooling is Learning Without Boundaries

Modern Homeschooling is Learning Without Boundaries

Homeschooling has changed! Anyone who still pictures children sitting around a kitchen table with their noses in textbooks when they hear the term “homeschooler” may be in for a bit of a surprise.

Education should be something to look forward to, not a chore that takes all the fun out of learning new things. Many homeschooling parents have found this to be their favorite part of being directly involved with their children’s education.

Whether you are a homeschool parent, a public or private school parent, an after-school helper or a teacher, this list can offer you exactly what you need to have students who love to learn.

The History Here App
This is an interactive, location-based guide to thousands of historic locations across the U.S., brought to you by History and A&E Television Networks. You can use the app to instantly learn the history around your neighborhood, when you visit someplace new, or if you’re just feeling curious while sitting on the couch. Set the app to notify when you’re close to historical points of interest and you’ll uncover the hidden history that’s all around us.

Money Museum in Cleveland
The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s free Learning Center and Money Museum lets kids see 23 feet of timber money, learn all about what barter items have been used as accepted currency throughout the history of our country, and even make their own money. In addition, you can take guided tours of the buildings and learn about its important responsibilities, history and architecture.

Do the Math
Friday or Saturday afternoons can be spent visiting yard and garage sales. With wallet in hand, this is another opportunity for your child to pull that math off of the workbook page and bring it into real life. Decisions need to be made about how much money to bring along and whether or not they want to spend it on certain things or hold off.

Learn Online
Curriculum learning can be done anywhere. Online education opportunities have exploded in both quality and quantity in the past decade: Khan Academy, Time4Learning and Duolingo, just to name a few. One of my daughter’s favorite parts of Khan Academy is a series of videos called “LeBron asks.” In these videos, LeBron James asks questions about math, science and history, and then helps to answer the questions. Topics include determining the probability of making 10 free throws in a row, what muscles are used when we shoot a basketball, how shooting a basketball illustrates Newton’s Thirds Law and more.

This is a great place to find tools, tips, strategies, websites, lists, curriculum additions, field trip ideas, art projects, ideas on organizing your homeschooling space and materials, and just about anything you can imagine. A search for “homeschooling” or “unschooling” on Pinterest will bring up too many education boards to count. The cool thing is that these posts are shared by homeschooling and unschooling families — so the things have already been tested in action and are ready for you to use.
This website gives you access to the same guided lessons, worksheets, games, workbooks, teaching tools, a worksheet generator, common core and other learning resources available to school districts. You can choose things for kindergarten through high school. It has a limited version available for free, or you can have unlimited access to the entire site and all of its resources for a small monthly fee.

Get Social
Homeschooling parents are often asked the most, “What about socialization?” Socialization is one of the main things a lot of families like about homeschooling. It provides kids and families options to get out of the “classroom” and go experience things by talking to, working with, and learning from people of all different ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. The students are regularly engaged in social and educational activities outside their homes.

Click here for a list of homeschool events taking place in Northeast Ohio during the month of March!

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