Tired of Packing School Lunches?

Tired of Packing School Lunches?

It seems there are endless days left of creating school lunches — and of finding ways to actually get your kids to eat what’s being packed.

Kara O’Dempsey, Rebecca Sholiton and Nate Cooper, co-founders of EatPakd, are working to help parents find a solution to this age-old dilemma.

The Chicago-based start-up recently expanded to Ohio to provide balanced kids’ lunches that contain protein, fruit, veggies and something sweet. The EatPakd platform enables parents to easily order lunches online for the upcoming week and choose from a wide selection of balanced meals. Prepared in a commercial kitchen, lunches are made, packed and delivered anywhere in the Midwest via FedEx using cold technology. The meal plans start at $26 per week, with four-, eight- or 12-Pak delivery options. The lunches are peanut and tree nut-free and are allergen-friendly.

Visit eatpakd.com for more information.

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