Toothy Grins: Tales You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Toothy Grins: Tales You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

In December, we asked our Facebook followers to share funny quotes or silly mishaps regarding kids, teeth and trips to the dentist. Here’s what a few had to say:

Dental Office Drama

“My daughter was terrified of the dentist. Took her for just a cleaning and she bit him! So embarrassing!”
— Carlie

“When my daughter was 5, her dentist asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said a dentist. When the dentist asked her why, she said, ‘So I don’t have to ever go to a dentist.’”
— Mei Lin

Tooth Fairy Tasks

“My oldest daughter was terrified when she lost her first tooth — and I get it. She asked, ‘So, a fairy breaks into our house while we are sleeping and steals things?’ Good point, kid!”
— Jen

“My daughter lost one of her teeth right before bedtime. That night, the tooth fairy could not find any money or change other than a $20 bill. So she left it with a note asking for change in her beautiful glitter-filled writing. My daughter was so excited to help the tooth fairy with this task. As soon as she read the note, she asked to go make change, so she could leave it for the tooth fairy. She wanted to make sure she had money for all the other kids, so we had to get all singles.”
— Nicole

“The tooth fairy could not find the tooth in the special tooth pillow or anywhere in the bed, for that matter. The next morning she asked why the tooth fairy didn’t come. I explained that she couldn’t find it. My child’s response was, “Well, I was keeping it safe and holding it in my hand; all she had to do was wake me up and ask for it.”
— Colleen

“When my oldest believed in the tooth fairy, he once lost three teeth in three days. He would always write the tooth fairy a note with each tooth. On the third day of losing a tooth, he wrote that he was so sorry ‘she’ had to come to his house yet again and that he promised to not lose any more teeth for a really long time.”
— Michelle

Losing Teeth…Creatively

“My son had gotten a remote control monster truck for his birthday. So my husband (a giant kid himself) convinced my son to tie a string to his tooth and let the truck ‘tow it out.’ It worked and I don’t think I’ve ever been so amused!”
— Heather

“My little guy was trying to use dental floss tied around a Nerf dart to pull a loose tooth. After many failed attempts, he dropped the gun while he was reloading the dart and the tooth came out.”
— Amanda

“My children have had a habit of losing their teeth while eating, then swallowing them, then crying because they didn’t want the tooth fairy to go into their belly to get the tooth.”
— Kristin

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