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How to Protect your Child’s Skin from the Sun

2023 Editions Health June/July 2023 Magazine
Fun in the sun is a given during the summer months, but spending lots of time outside in the sun can lead to sunburn. What’s the best way to protect your child’s skin from sun damage while they enjoy the outdoors? Dr. Dan Grove a pediatric dermatologist from Akron Children's provides some answers. ...
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Let’s Ride: Keeping Kids Safe With Helmets

Ages & Stages Health Parenting Things to do
It's time for outdoor play — running, skating and cycling are healthy activities that build muscle and strengthen bones. However, warm weather also means kids will be arriving in ERs after bicycle accidents, skateboard and scooter mishaps, and rollerblade wipe-outs, and with injuries from minor to life-threatening. Here are some tips on keeping kids safe with helmets on. ...
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10 Tips for a Safe Return to Playgrounds

2021 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Health May 2021
While playgrounds offer kids vital opportunities for the physical, cognitive and social interaction crucial to their development, they also increase the chances for injuries. As kids race back to playgrounds, here are 10 tips to help keep them safe — from germs as well as injuries. ...
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Fall Athletes Urged to ‘Lace Up’ for Pediatric Cancer Awareness

August 2016 Health
Akron Children’s Hospital has launched its “Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer” campaign in conjunction with the Go4TheGoal Foundation. Youth athletes and sports teams can get involved by ordering gold shoe laces and designating a game to childhood cancer awareness. ...
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Sobering Facts About Teen Alcohol Abuse

August 2016 Health Teens
Teens experiment with alcohol for a number of reasons. Some may drink to appear older or because of peer pressure. Others may begin using it because of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety or as a coping mechanism if they are facing challenging situations in their homes or at school. Teens — and their still developing brains — can be especially vulnerable to the dangers of alcohol abuse. ...
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Parent Tip of the Week: 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Heart-Healthy

Choices you make every day — about what you eat and how you stay active — play a major role in your heart health. Think your family could do better? Follow these seven easy ways to make your home a heart-healthy zone. ...
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Try These 4 Dynamic Exercise Warm-Ups

Doing a functional warm-up instead of static stretching before exercise offers various benefits. Cleveland Clinic provides a video demonstration to give you a kick-start to a healthy workout routine. ...
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Are You Vegetarian-Curious? Try Meatless Mondays

If you’d like to cut down or eliminate your consumption of meat but you’re not sure how to get started, try what many dietitians recommend as a first step: Meatless Mondays. The goal is to improve people’s health by helping them to cut their consumption of saturated fats. The thinking is that by making this relatively small change in your eating habits, you could make a substantial, positive impact on your health. ...
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Keep this a Safe and Fun Season at the Pool for Kids

As the weather heats up, children are eager to dig out their swimsuits and head to the pool. Afternoons of swimming and splashing can be a lot of fun, but mixing kids with water can also result in tragedy. The following tips will help keep your kids safe during an afternoon of fun at the pool. ...
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