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Crafts of the Harvest Season

2021 Editions Magazine Parenting September 2021
It’s Fall. A time to explore. Eat. Create. Look to our gardens, fields, orchards and nature trails for a bountiful harvest of not only the season’s menu, but materials and inspiration for hands-on art projects and festive crafts. However simple or sophisticated, revel in these cooler months with a homemade masterpiece. ...
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Start a Tradition of Cutting Down Your Own Christmas Tree

Featured Magazine November 2020 Parenting Things to do
This year, for the ultimate DIY in holiday décor, choose to chop your own from one of Northeast Ohio’s local tree farms. This safe, socially distanced activity supports our local farmers, as well as our environment — and you don’t need to be a full-blown lumberjack to do it.  ...
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Eat the Harvest: Creative & Kid-Friendly Recipes for Fall Produce

2020 Editions Featured Food Magazine September 2020
We’ve reached that point in the year when it’s unavoidable to leave the grocery store or farmers market without a bounty of crisp apples, oversized pumpkins, plump squash or a few dozen ears of sweet corn in tow. Wholesome and hearty, fall produce can be used in a variety of tasty recipes with plenty of opportunities for the kids to pick, peel, chop, mix, mash and devour. For messy hands and full bellies, bring on the harvest. ...
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Working From Home With Little Ones: Balancing Work & Childcare

2020 Editions June/July 2020 Magazine Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic Worth Noting
While plenty of Zoom calls and e-learning obligations come with a family’s school-aged children these days, working parents with kids younger than kindergarten face unique challenges. Their infants, toddlers and preschoolers require full-time care and attention. Learn what some local parents are doing to cope. ...
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Backyard Games Keep the Whole Family Healthy and Connected

2020 Editions Featured June/July 2020 Magazine Parenting Things to do
While backyard games were once a summer mainstay for neighborhood kids and their families, cell phones, smart devices and hectic schedules provide some stiff competition for attention these days. Whether it’s a casual game of tag or something more strategic or team-oriented, look no further than the backyard for opportunities to get active, bond with your children and create lifelong memories. ...
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