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Help Kids say No to Bullying

Kids and bullying
2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine October 2017 Parenting Worth Noting
Whether your child is in grade school or high school, bullying can be a serious issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Learn expert advice to help your kids know what to do when they witness bullying at school, or how to handle the situation if they are the victim. ...
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Global Learning: Schools Providing a Worldwide Perspective Through IB Program

Schools in Cleveland, Ohio, that offer the international baccalaureate program
2017 Editions Ages & Stages Education Featured Magazine Parenting September 2017

Most people are familiar with Advanced Placement (AP) classes in education, but there’s another academic program that is growing in Northeast Ohio. read more

... ...
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From Beethoven to Rock Music

2014 Editions Education Magazine September 2014
Whether your child dreams of being in a famous rock band someday or simply wants to bang out a few tunes on the piano, music schools throughout Northeast Ohio offer programs to fit every desire. ...
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Brace Yourself for Your Kid’s Dental Health

2014 Editions Health July 2014 Magazine
What you need to know about the new technology in dental health for kids. Everyone loves a beautiful, healthy smile, and with orthodontic technology continually improving, it’s becoming easier and quicker for children to get their pearly whites in top form. ...
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Battling Heroin

2014 Editions Health June 2014 Magazine Parenting
Health officials in Northeast Ohio are calling the levels of heroin use an epidemic, and statistics show that young people in both cities and suburbs are at risk. Would you know if your child was an addict? ...
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