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Joanna Hardis, LISW, is a cognitive behavioral therapist and Gestalt-certified coach. A mother of three, she combines her personal parenting with her 20+ years of professional experience. She breaks down the evidence-based research into down-to-earth guidance and support. Her specialties are treating adults and children who have anxiety disorders or obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders, are going through life transitions (like life after divorce), or who would like help with their parenting skills. She also offers coaching services for those who want help reaching their goals. Coaching generates change by creating awareness and then offering a different way of being and doing. Joanna lives in Cleveland Heights with her three children and their, dog Giggsy. Learn more about Joanna at Follow Giggsy on Instagram:

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The Secret to a Successful School Drop-Off

Ages & Stages Education Parenting

It’s that time of year again! Kids are back in school. Whether you’re dropping your child off for the first time or the seventh, the back-to-school anxiety can be overwhelming.

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When Anxiety is the Real School Bully: a Therapist’s Advice on Child Anxiety

Kids and anxiety in Ohio
Ages & Stages Featured Parenting

If your child experienced a lot of anxiety at school last year, but felt much better over summer, don’t plan to homeschool just yet. In many cases, school isn’t the

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Why It’s Not Always Fine to Say ‘You’ll Be Fine’ to an Anxious Child

Child therapists in Cleveland, Ohio
Ages & Stages Featured Health Parenting
Parents of anxious children often need to adjust their approach and choose their words wisely when it comes to alleviating anxieties. Find out some supportive methods of communication that will help your child eventually learn to cope with anxiety on their own. ...
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